How to Draw A Cow

Welcome to a website that will simply show you how to draw cows in any style. You know cartoon cows, simple cows, fat cows, and realistic cows? Well those are the types of stuff that you can learn how to draw on the website. Other than that, we’re going to learn how to draw a cow step by step. This however, is just a drawing tutorial that will simply teach you how to draw a cow, so if you want to learn how to draw a different cow, this probably isn’t the one for you. Try browsing through more of my drawing tutorials. Before starting, I will also like to point out that drawing videos and images were not uploaded by us. They are made by their rightful owners. So let’s move on with the lesson.

First of all, cows look like donkeys. Don’t believe me? Well look up a donkey right now. The noses look alike and the structure of a horse looks just like a cow. Hard to say, but why do I say that you may ask? This will help you imagine more in your head about what a cow looks like. Seems silly, I know, but really works.

Try using your imagination. Think of that Nickelodeon show Barn Yard. Think of Mary Moo Cow :P

If your still having a hard time with this lesson, then I have a drawing video to share that was found on YouTube. Enjoy!

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